Who was Cleopatra Jones?

Cleopatra Jones was a civil rights leader in New York during the sixties and seventies and eighties. Mrs. Jones negotiated with the Black Panther Party not to riot in our community and worked on city, state and federal political campaigns. She demonstrated in marches and protests when necessary, and was active in the NAACP until her death in 2002 Cleopatra Jones was an icon in the community and was well-known in Westchester County as a representative of the people.

The Crusade

The Cleopatra Jones Crusade, Inc. is a non-profit organization created to carry on the work of this civil rights leader. The Crusade's mission is to promote Culture, Health, Art, Nutrition, Generosity, Education/Environment, and Service or C.H.A.N.G.E.S in at-risk neighborhoods and communities through providing programs and other initiatives. It is our hope to develop and inspire creativity so individuals will be empowered to improve their circumstances.